Christian Low


I think that nowadays, our world tends to look at itself as part of a “grand scale”. In doing so, we ponder over how to forward human society as a whole, even when it comes at the detriment of a much neglected group of people who aren’t quite as fortunate as everyone else. We allow these less enabled members of society to fail, not realising how much of an impact it has on their lives. Rosebrook, to me, is the antithesis to this; every moment spent here is one that aims to give its children the opportunity to dream.

The uncompromising optimism of the staff at Rosebrook truly inspired me, enlightening me to the understanding that there are endless opportunities before us, and that we need not be bound by any limitations whatsoever.

Furthermore, Rosebrook is a place that truly humanised my perspective of people with special needs. Through my time here, I realised that regardless of all the barriers placed before these children, they are just as human as anyone else. They think, they play, they smile, just like any other child. Each of them has the potential to live out a life that is meaningful, and they are more than capable of bringing joy to the people around them. The children of Rosebrook were a reminder that no amount of hindrance can stunt one’s potential to find joy and to learn new things every day. Though they may not respond to traditional teaching methods adopted by more mainstream schools, with the right assistance, they can still strive towards astoundingly great heights; and for the mere possibility of what these children can achieve, we should all be encouraged to walk with them along their respective paths, leaving not a single one of them behind.

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Imagine arriving at your daughter’s school as you drive through gates framed by white picket fences which lead to a lush oasis of trees and greenery. Horses galloping in the paddock and live characters from the book of the week greet you and the children. It is hard to fathom that such spaciousness and tranquility is just a stone’s throw from the hustle and bustle of Singapore.

Fortunately, we don't need to imagine this because it is the reality that our children experience everyday at Rosebrook. Through their literacy- based curriculum, our daughter has developed a love for books, writing, counting, reading (us reading to her) and a general curiosity for discovering and learning new things. She now enjoys moving and using her body to express things to us also. Not to mention the adventure of grooming and playing with Daniel and Hans (the ponies).

A special kudos to the quality of staff who work there. Not only do they know their stuff, but they clearly love working with children. They go beyond their duty to send out daily pictorial reports to parents and they also text us with videos on special things they wish to highlight.

It is simply a joy to watch Maia grow and learn in such a caring, rich and exciting environment.


– Tini Fadzillah and Vynx Lim